Free Resources for Your Parenting Journey

We know that having a child requires a significant financial investment, no matter what your financial circumstances may be. In order to best help you begin your parenting journey, Ray of Hope offers Earn While You Learn to new and expecting parents. Participation in Earn While You Learn is completely free of charge.

What is Earn While You Learn?

Earn While You Learn is an educational program designed to help new and expecting parents become the best parents they can possibly be. At the same time, participating in this program will give you the opportunity to earn some of the things you will need to care for the physical needs of your new baby.

How does it work?

Earn While You Learn offers group and individual educational classes on a variety of topics relevant to the parenting journey. New and expecting parents that participate can earn points after classes to purchase brand new and like-new items in our Baby Boutique. The more parents learn, the more they can earn!

What are some of the topics covered?

During pregnancy, there are a number of concerns most new parents face regarding pregnancy trimesters, childbirth and care once the baby is born. Earn While You Learn will cover each of these topics, as well as ones for later on like child safety and loving discipline. Each class is listed according to the topic covered.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for Earn While You Learn, contact Ray of Hope today by callingĀ (660) 395-8099 or filling out our contact form. Upon enrollment, you will select the day of the week that you will have your classes.

Earn While You Learn is a completely free of charge resource offered to new and expecting parents to help them best prepare for their parenting journey. Learn more about our other services or contact us today for more information on Earn While You Learn.