Comprehensive Mentorship Programs

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can be scary, and no one should have to do it on their own. Ray of Hope offers one-on-one and/or group class formatted mentorship programs to provide encouragement and support to women who feel trapped, who don’t know what to do, or to those who just want to talk.

What is Mentorship?

Our mentorship programs are for those facing an unexpected pregnancy, as well as couples experiencing first-time parenting. They provide long-term relationships, education and practical gifts of clothing, baby food and supplies. This is how lives are changed and healthy, secure families are established.

How does it work?

During mentorship, a new client establishes a trusting relationship with his or her mentor. The mentor is someone who is there to listen, love and support him her through the pregnancy. This is a relationship that’s built to discuss fears, loneliness, pain and doubt as well as dreams, hopes, and truth.

Who is mentorship available to?

Women and men who are facing unexpected pregnancy or first-time parenting are welcome to come in for our mentorship program services. There are women available to mentor other women, and men available to mentor other men.

How long does Mentorship last?

This program is available to women and men from the time they discover they are pregnant, up until that child is two years old.

What if I’m not ready for other people to know I’m pregnant?

Our mentorship program is completely confidential. All sessions are conducted in a one-on-one format, so you won’t have to worry about anyone finding out if you aren’t ready. It is completely up to you when you tell family and friends about your pregnancy.

Mentorship is available at no cost to women and men who are facing an unexpected pregnancy or first-time parenting. If you’re interested in joining the mentorship programs offered at Ray of Hope, schedule an appointment with us today.